Some 16 years ago, I went visiting with one of my favourite uncles in Lagos (He sings, plays the guitar well! He rocks. He pastors and He gives).

As we got into his house late in the evening, my dear uncle points and says “Temi, that is where you will spend the night”. Without delay, I picked up my school bag (was my travelling bag also) and headed straight for the door. I opened the door and just as I entered, Uncle laughed and said, “Would you love to spend the night in that place?”

Guess what? I entered the restroom. I did notice that there was a door right to the other side.

Humorous as it sounds, I am not too sure anyone wants to spend the night in a toilet. Would you?

Just like my Uncle had prepared a place for me but I ended up in the wrong place, can I tell you that one of the last words of Jesus Christ to the disciples is that He is going to prepare a place for us in His father’s house (John 14:1-4)

But how many times do we dump, or disregard his directions to his own house while we follow impulse, emotions and opinions? He is the Way. You cannot get to the Father without Him (John 14:6)

Just like I did not want to spend the night in a toilet, I really do not want to spend eternity in the lake of fire. That is the “wrongest” place to end up. Did you hear that? Is our wish the same?

Follow His Directions not your Emotions. Follow Christ.

See you at the place of rest. That is the place to spend our eternity.

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