I stepped out of the car as soon as I parked in the church office. A little boy, just one year and some months old came walking towards me, with all eagerness in his steps and that unique excitement of a child. But he was really dirty. I made a brave choice to carry the baby.

As I walked towards his grandmother’s shop, the grandma remarked in Yoruba Language, “Pastor, he is very dirty. You should not have carried him, at least not so intimately”.

I did not have to think twice when these words dropped from my lips, “Mummy, I was dirtier than this when Jesus carried me”

Sometimes, it is amazing how the person who needs a warm bath does not want it. You cannot be messed up in sin and expect that you would fix it by yourself.

A prisoner cannot bail a prisoner. It takes a free man to do that. You cannot be in prison to sin and remain full of pride and still ignorant! That is double jeopardy.

You cannot be that messed up and Jesus Christ in His love has provided a total make over and you just do not get it.

The father’s love is lavished on you. Can you imagine how He says “Who can separate you from His love?”

Do not let guilt, shame and condemnaton pull you away from His love. Pick up yourself once again. If you can crawl, walk, run or fly- at all cost get to the father’s embrace.

Do you know what drove the Lost Son home? Hunger! Do you still eat from the Father’s table? Do you still hear the Father’s voice? Is there still a connection? Once the Father saw the son, He ran towards him. Do not let anyone lie to you that you have gone too far and cannot return to God!

Guess what? No matter how terrible a product is, when it gets back to the manufacturer, it comes back new.

No pretense. Come back now.

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