As we sat at the breakfast table, my fiancee (now my wife) asked my spiritual father, “Daddy, what is meant to be my role in ministry?”

He looked at her and said, “Protect him from danger. A pastor wants to be all he can to all people”

He then told us, “No one must ever come in between you- not your parents, not a counsellee, not a church staff or member”.

Can I talk to couples and those who look forward to marriage?

You must protect one another. Be her covering in prayer. Be his covering in prayer. When you see danger, tell him. When you sense a red flag, tell her.

There is a lot of wisdom in telling your wife when you are tempted or pressured. Temptation thrives in secrecy. Unplug it from the root. Do not trim it by struggling with it. It will simply blossom.

Today, it was just a thought; tomorrow, it can be a touch. Before you know it, you have breached trust and then there comes the emotional torture.

Wife, it is wisdom to listen. Sexual sins have ruined homes and brought down ministries. Do not wait till the fire consumes what you love.

Confess to your wife. Confess to your husband. Build that home together. Kick the devil out. Repair the broken hedge.

Your home is blessed. Your joy is full. Shame and condemnation will be far from you.

There is love in sharing

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