A cool evening it was. I went visiting a female friend. We had not known each other for such a long time. We had time to really catch up on many things.

Her phone rang. It was her fiance. Then she goes through what seems like a drilling process from an interviewer. She kept answering questions till she began to give one word answers. She ran out of patience.

As she dropped the call, she said “Pastor Temi, if you were not here, I would have smashed this phone on the wall” and then burst into tears in a manner that I have not seen before.

Impulse! Instinct! I would have stood up, sat by her and begin to console her but all I knew was I sat where I was and kept saying “Sorry”.

In restrospect, I know there are brothers who in an attempt to console a sister ended up in sexual sins.

A hug can be so therapeutic. It brings solace. A shoulder to cry on is good but there are times you must know what the scriptures say:

Ecclesiastes 3:5b (There is) A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing;

There was a time I hugged a sister and just after the Holy Spirit asked me, “Why did you hug her?”. Guess what! I disvovered that minutes before I hugged her, I already admired her and wished to just “have a feel”. I schemed a hug.

There is a time not to hug bro! Sister, there is a time not to hug. You are not wiser than God. The devil seeks schemes to outsmart us. He can through an innocent hug wreck a life!

If it appears that it will lead to evil (it may not be evil in itself), find the next available exit.

Forget it. You are no superman.
Listen to Grace (Titus 2:11)
Embrace Wisdom
Experience joy.

That is how to FLEE.

There is love in sharing

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