I was cleaning the house many years ago when I stumbled on a collection of letters written to me some years ago in my secondary school days. I had my eyes on some beautiful girls then.

As I read the letters, I had a good laugh. I collected all of it and flushed it right through the water closet. I had nothing to do with it again. I had a walk with God that had changed my life.

When your past begins to look attractive, you must have lost the consistency of a personal walk with God.

Again, if you are married, you will notice that it is when you have a challenging time with your spouse that a colleague at work begins to look and sound attractive.

If you notice that you are beginning to have a desire for strange things, you will need to check if you are still on the right path.

In the physical, fake products do not last- if ephemeral things are like that, do you really think you can carry on with false pretence of an appearance of a walk with God?

If your pastor trusts you with singing, teaching Sunday school or even church accounts but God is shaking His head as you put up a show, pause and have a rethink.

Do not allow an old romantic flame to destroy your home. Stay away from temptation. Do not try to prove that you can handle “stuff”.

Do you now have a text you must delete? Or a call you must pick “codedly”? Do you now have to talk from the sides of your mouth?

Get rid of anything that will trigger a desire to return to the past. Scriptures encourage you to “put to death” the deeds of the flesh.

Do not let the past catch up with the present; the future will be at stake! Do not look back. Do not return to your mess.

God bless you.

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