As a believer, you cannot be calling everyone sweetheart, whether male or female. There must be integrity of words.

In the social media age, insults fly left and right, you cannot afford to be a part of it. If you cannot say it to the person’s face, do not hide behind the screen of technology to do evil.

Words are powerful.

I shiver to my bones when I remember that we will all give an account of our words.

Believers now share on social media things that are meant to push us into our prayer closets. We are beginning to smile over what should make us cry. We are daily desensitized to Jesus Christ and our mission as light and salt of the world.

The paths to our prayer closets are overgrown with weeds while our keypads are fading off from use!

We are fast to plug in our phones for recharge but we rarely do same for spiritual growth and renewal.

We toss over on our bed when heaven calls us to prayer but stumble over stools when our phone rings.

We discuss everything from fashion to sports but seem to forget that the passion of Jesus Christ on the Cross is far more important to our lives and that of our pals.

We are sad and we cry when our favourite team loses but we smile with a man who is still under the bondage of sin without taking him off the path to hell.

I pray that a generation will arise who will not just like Facebook posts but will like bible verses. I pray to see men who are not just quick to pick the latest gossip but who are also quick to share the gospel.

I desire to see a generation who do not just throw stones at leadership but who can hold a nation to ransom with prayers and not mere protests.

I desire to see a generation whose words are healing and full of grace and not one whose teeth is set on the edge biting everything in sight.

Stay a believer in words. Stay a believer in conduct. We have been desensitized to the efficacy of prayer that now we say things like, “Is it just to pray?” It takes a man who can kneel before the Lord in prayer who can really stand in and before the world.

If you are not talking to God about men, you will be powerless to talk to men about God.

There is love in sharing

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