He walked up to me after service and said, “Pastor, I want to quit my training as an apprentice”. He went on to mention certain challenges that he was facing. He wanted to quit for those reasons. 

I smiled and told him, “You are not going to quit. You have what it takes to endure till the end. If you look back, you would notice a pattern. Do you know it is not the first time you would stop a great venture halfway?” He took a deep breath. 

Then I added, “Please, I am sorry to tell you this- Do you notice that your Dad quit many things also? If you do not fight this pattern with all you have gotten, you will repeat his mistakes”. 

He took heed. He pushed. He did not only finish his training, he has gone ahead to greater things that will change his story and that of his lineage forever. 

One of the ways that the devil defeats a man is through the spirit of discouragement. Discouragement at times will disguise as legitimate excuses but if you look deeply and with insight, you will see that there is a spirit that you must rebuke so it does not alter your journey in life. 

One key thing that having a shepherd does for you is to take you far from want, and restore your soul when you are down and discouraged while emphasizing the place of righteousness in decision-making. At other times, he will be there when you slide into poor decisions as a rod of correction and comfort. But the aim is to get you to that place the Lord has prepared for you. 

A disciple must be disciplined. A disciple must be able to endure. A disciple must be able to discern when the devil wants to use weariness to introduce a strange pattern into his life. He fights back. 

Can you imagine if the young man had no pastor? He would have made a personal decision that has a great generational consequence. 

There is a spirit of looseness in our times that you must fight. There are loose mouths that will speak anyhow. There are loose minds that will take all sorts of junk. There are loose clothes that show a lost state. 

Beloved, you are either being harnessed by the Lord Jesus for kingdom purposes or you are being harvested by the devil as an ambassador of his schemes. There is no in-between. 

Well! If you say you are neutral, let me announce to you that it is possible to be the devil’s tool in God’s house. Doeg the Edomite was in the presence of the Lord but he returned to kill priests and their entire family members. There is no neutrality. Neutrality means “I am for the devil”. Will you go to war with a soldier who says, “I am neutral”? Neutrality is choosing the enemy side. 

Being tied to the kingdom grants you ease in decision-making. You will talk like a kingdom citizen, you will dress like one also. “Let your will be done on earth” will not be lip service but your heart will be there. 

Do not give up. 

Be a disciple.

Use all the Lord has provided.

Fight looseness!

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