Irewamiri said her brother would call her after every service when she first got to Eruwa, asking how church went. She kept complaining about the church she was attending. After praise and worship, she sleeps throughout the sermon time. She was willing to learn. The challenge was that right after the sermon title, there was nothing to note again. It was not a good experience. 

Her brother kept nudging her to change church. She mentioned that she had passed Nourishing Ground many times (then known as The Eagles Assembly), but one of her friends kept saying she could not attend church. Eventually, she came, and all her friends also came. Church became home for all of them. The story changed. 

There are churches, but there is the right church for you. One of the things that you must get right is the place that should be called home. A church must be like a home for you. There should be enough bread that nourishes your spirit. You cannot and must not stay where your spirit is malnourished and not fed. 

One of the primary assignments of a pastor is to feed. Pastors are God’s gift to every believer. If you are not being fed, you are not in the right place. 

and I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

Jeremiah 3:15 KJV

When God settles you in a new place, ask the Lord to also show you the home where you will be nourished. One of the things you cannot be sentimental about is the church you attend and the pastor who feeds you. 

Some people want in life because they lack pastors. Some people want and lack bread because they are wrongly pastored. Some respond wrongly to the right pastor. 

When you wanted to go to the university, you chose one that was offering your course of study. You cannot study medicine in a Polytechnic. You did not go to the nearest school. When it comes to your spiritual journey, you must be willing to pay the sacrifice even if the church is not near your home. 

I do not blame those who travel miles to get to church. They know where their bread is. They are willing to pay the price for it. One thing you cannot and must not be sentimental about is the church you attend. 

Think about the prodigal son- the only place he could return to was home where there was enough bread both for sons and servants. 

Do you have a home?

Do you have a pastor?

Are you being spiritually fed? Are you just being sentimental? 

Check today. Pray today. Let the Lord lead you.

© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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