While I was a student in one of the State Universities, I was not that rooted in the faith but the discipline of godly parenting helped me a whole lot. 

I was studying one evening when one of the ladies who frequented our residence pulled away my notes from me and said, “Spencer, if you don’t visit me, you will not get your note back. You will always just be looking gentle. Come and visit me”. My note is still with her till date. She was one of the ‘big girls’ in school. 

The fear of the Lord will keep you from falling. Stupid boldness will lead you into trouble. In matters that involve your destiny and suggestions of sin, flee like a coward. Let men call you weak but let heaven call you strong. 

Joseph left his cloak in the hands of Mrs Potiphar. He did not return to say, “Ma, I want my cloak, please”. He knew that it was a race where you must not look back. 

If you already know that the young man or woman has some strange chemistry towards you and you also feel the same way, do not put yourself in a position that will lead you to unsolicited explanations. You do not have to go and unwind in his house. That’s not the place to go for Netflix and Chill. You may be frozen forever by the choice you end up making. 

When it comes to sexual sins, the definition of fighting the good fight of faith is anointing your two feet and running. Do not try to take a stand while Delilah is rubbing your head on her lap. You will lose your head and lose your life! Flee! There is no way that a head on Delilah’s lap would be coordinated enough to run. It will be caught between the mixed signals of pleasure and obedience. 

Let men call you names but let heaven honour you. If you are a male minister of the gospel preaching out of base, do not allow a female friend to visit you alone, especially where you are lodged. Do it for the integrity of the gospel. 

Paul was definitely a man of wisdom. Think about these statements: 

-Carefully determine what pleases the Lord (Eph. 5:10)

-Don’t act thoughtlessly (Eph. 5:17a)

-Don’t be fooled by those who give excuses for sin (Eph. 5:6a)

-Abstain from all appearance of evil. 1 Thessalonians 5:22 KJV

Are those not wise words? Do you practise them? 

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