We were on a trip out of town. We travelled in three vehicles. Out of all the drivers, I was the only one who knew the place that we were heading to. No matter how much the other drivers sped, they would have to slow down and wait for me to take the lead.

They do not know the particular destination but they knew that as long as they followed someone who knew the way, they would not get lost.

That is exactly what Abraham did. Abraham did not know where he was heading in particular but he knew God. He knew that as long as God was leading, there was nothing to fear. Abraham did not know the details but He knew the one who crafted the details.

If you are not intimate with God who knows tomorrow, you will be plagued with the fear of the unknown. You can either live by revelation or information. Revelation is a product of intimacy. Some people know what the headlines will be before the news even break.

Do not be in a hurry that you abandon the leadership and instructions of the one who knows the end from the beginning. I know you will be 33 and you are not yet married but do not stop following the leading of God. Trusting God can be tough but the reward is eternal.

On the way, the devil will bring alternatives to the leading of God. Do not take it. The devil does not even mind offering you a promotion at work so you can be distracted from the leading of God.

This season, value intimacy more than “carnal testimonies”. If we join you to shout “praise the Lord” at your “testimonies” but you no longer have a burning candle in the presence of God, we only helped in digging your grave.

Beloved, if intimacy and fellowship are in place, it is just a matter of time, you will see all the material things that you desire. By the time the promotion or wealth comes, it would not rob you of intimacy with God. You have been processed.


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