At a point, we had an option of choosing rooms as young ones. There was this small and cute room that my brother and I loved. Another room was full of “junks”- a shelf of paint cans and all.

It became a tussle but my brother chose the small room and I moved to the junk-room. Guess what, the junk-room became the finest room after some years with a private rest-room. It became the room to lodge special guests.

One of the mistakes you must not make or even repeat at all is making a decision based on what you see. If all Rebecca saw was the dirty camels and worn-out travellers, she would not have connected with Isaac.

When God appeared to Abraham under the great tree of Mamre, it was in the form of three men but Abraham saw men worthy to be served. May you see rightly.

There is a link between seeing properly, making the right choices and the performance of the promise of God. God told Jeremiah that because he has seen well, there shall be a performance of what has been promised (Jer. 1:11-12)

There is the realm of faith and there is the realm of sight. In this kingdom, we walk by faith and not by sight. The opposite of faith is sight! Choose one.

Beloved, do not just choose with the help of your physical senses. There are things that you will never see. Lot chose with his physical senses, he did not know he was choosing what would soon expire. He came in hopeful but it all soon faded away.

Choose through the eyes of the Spirit. Choices made by revelation is what saves us from frustration. Choices made in the flesh would end up eating us up.

One thing you must settle fast is that you are not smarter than God. You can either learn by instruction or you learn by regret. Truth be told, if I had to choose a wife by human permutations, my wife may not be on my top 10 at all but God knew what she would be in five years and fifty years.

Beloved, you cannot see five minutes ahead. You cannot even see the tip of your nose but you want to keep arguing with the one who sees eternity.

Some alignments retire men. Joab sealed his fate by aligning with Adonijah. Adonijah was the picture of the vogue and trending but Solomon was a picture of whom God has chosen. The wrong alignment can retire you.

This season, tell God: what I do not see, Lord show me. What I do not understand, Lord teach me. Lord, prepare me for what you have prepared for me.

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