In my first year at University, an elderly one came to pick me up from school. He began to complain that it had not rained in Eruwa for weeks and the farmers were not finding it funny. I told him with my loudmouth, “I am Temiloluwa Ola and wherever I go, the wetness of God follows me. That once I step into Eruwa, it was going to rain”. He gave me the look of “Temi, you and your mouth”. My weakness (as I am always told then) was that I talk too much.

When we got home, it was the lack of rain that Mummy also referred to which had caused water scarcity- the wells were getting dry. I told her the same statement I made earlier adding that I did not come home to stress myself. She gave me the “Temi, you talk too much” response.

Well! I was just joking actually. But then, at about 9 pm, without clouds or winds, it began to rain heavily. My mum ran to my room and said, “Indeed, there is a prophet in this house”. I laughed and said, “I talk too much”.

But I learnt a major lesson that day: the mouth of a believer must never be weak. Your mouth is the steering of your life and destiny. Make sure your mouth is not speaking like a weakling.

Put the sword of the spirit upon your lips and release utterances of faith. You are the first prophet of your destiny. Your mouth is the steering wheel. If you leave things to chance, your life will just be full of “what will be will be”. But with your mouth, and the revelation of God’s Word, you can speak what the Word of God has revealed into existence.

Our battle in the spirit is a battle of words. You cannot be joking with your words and speaking anyhow. Do not do it. Angels and Demons do not know jokes. They know words. The Spirit realm waits on your words. Watch what you say.

Do your words activate grace? Does it activate shame? Speak like an oracle of the Lord and not just like an inspired orator. We are not looking for goose pimples, we are in the middle of spiritual warfare. Do not let the devil hire your tongue. Deny him!

Do not open the door of your life with careless Words spoken under emotional pressure. Watch it!

Do you know what? That night it rained in my town, a major masquerade could not come out as planned. I did not know that at all. I was not even serious in the faith. God simply used that night to teach me a major lesson- Do not have a weak mouth.

God can be glorified even in our weakness. What men call a weakness can become God’s tool for great works. Leave it to Him. Let him work on you. Do not be a weak believer. Stand strong in the faith.

There is love in sharing