Sometimes in the early days of ministry, we were preparing for a major meeting. We worked late into the evening. Someone who has a car had given a ride to those who lived far from the church.

There were just three of us left in the church- A Young Man, A young lady and I. The young man lived just beside the church. The young lady stays on a street just about a three-minute walk from the church. The young man said good night. Since the street where the young lady lived was always dark, I told her to wait so I could drop her off. I wanted to show care as a pastor.

At that moment, I had a prompt in my spirit man and the Holy Spirit said to me, “Ask the young man to wait. Drop off the young girl together and then drop off the young man on your way back as you go home”. That was exactly what I did.

Was the girl a bad girl? No!
Was I a bad boy? I could never know! Put no trust in the flesh.
Could anything happen in a trip of less than a minute? Well! Sin does not need a lot of time to sow a seed that it will return to seek the harvest.

If you are a child of God, you cannot live life without the guidance of the Holy Spirit and godly principles. You must take the pain to always do what is right in the sight of God and also in the sight of men (2 Cor. 8:21 NIV).

One rule that must guide your life is “I do not put confidence in the flesh”. If you do so much “gra-gra”, you may end up being grounded by the devil.

As a believer, you cannot be sliding into the inbox of random ladies with suggestive talks like “It is the lips for me” or “It is the hips for me”. That is not how to live a dignified and sanctified life. When you slip, you will fall. Sanctify your conversations and conduct.

Paul told Timothy:

Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.
1 Timothy 4:12 NLT

Be an example in what you say. You cannot be talking anyhow. You do not need many words for your words to carry weight. Pray for the realm of “fewer words but much weight”.

Be an example in the way you live. There are lines you must never cross. Understand there is a difference between when men call you Pastor out of reverence and when they do out of sarcasm.

Be an example in your love, faith and purity. Be an example. An example can be followed. An example is a map for solving tougher issues. Be an example indeed.

Do not put any confidence in the flesh. May the Lord help you (and help me too).

There is love in sharing