We went to check out some work on a project site. Danielle went out with us. First, we had to put on boots that could prevent our feet from harm. Second, we had to keep our eyes on Danielle to ensure she is safe always.

At a point, while trying to make our way through some dry shrubs, I stepped ahead and knocked some of the sticks out of the way and I kept some pressed down with my feet so Danielle could step out. Once she made her way out, she began to run ahead of us. I had a good smile when the Holy Spirit said, “The role of a father is to make the way for the next generation”.

Dear father, you cannot be absent and expect to present your seeds as a trophy to their generation. They will likely rise as thorns. They will bring pain rather than fulfil purpose.

It is becoming obvious that a generation that was poorly fathered have started having sons and daughters that will never be fathered. An “orphan” generation has arisen who lacked the guiding light and training of fathers. They have no sense of accountability, responsibility or morality.

When a father is absent, abnormalities will reign. When a father is quiet when it is most essential, the accursed things would become attractive. It then becomes terrible when it is the father who is the harbinger of the accursed.

Fathers are voices of rectitude. When they are quiet, a generation is derailed.

Now his father, King David, had never disciplined him at any time, even by asking, “Why are you doing that?” Adonijah had been born next after Absalom, and he was very handsome.
1 Kings 1:6 NLT

Do you know the many mistakes of Adonijah? He wanted to reign as king when his father the king was still alive. He became a voice of division in the land.

Adonijah had a challenge with lust. He wanted to have Abishag (the beautiful girl brought in as nurse to David). This was the desire that signed his death warrant.

Adonijah had a sense of entitlement. He told Solomon that the throne was his own and even the people knew it even though Solomon was already made king.

Painfully, Adonijah was the only person who died holding on to the horn of the altar in the temple. The place of mercy became the place of his judgment.

Dear father, arise and take your seat in leadership. Clear the path for the next generation. Be a voice of training, discipline, responsibility and an example of delayed gratification.

Dear parents, most of the issues that teachers face in schools and pastors address in churches are failures of parenting. The home is the first place of shaping. If the home fails, society crumbles. Are you failing at home?

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