Danielle came into our room crying. We wondered what was wrong. She reported that Olive had kicked her in the back. While we were placating her, I asked what she wanted me to do to Olive. She said, “Beat her”. I smiled. 

It was not up to five minutes when Olive also appeared at our door. As she tried to close the door, she suddenly began to cry. The door had hit her finger. The tears flowed freely. It was angry Danielle who ran over to her sister first. She held her and began to check it up while she wiped her tears. 

At that moment, the Spirit of the Lord reminded me of the words of Jesus Christ that a believer will enter the kingdom of God if they have a heart like that of a child. 

“The truth is, you must accept God’s kingdom like a little child accepts things, or you will never enter it.”

Luke 18:17 ERV

As you mature in Christ, there is a childlikeness that you must not lose. In forgiveness, remain a child. A child will still run back into the arms of the father even after the father has disciplined him. 

Like a child, do not be worried about life. Children do not live in anxiety. Can you imagine your child waking up and looking worried about what everyone in the family will eat? That’s amazing! 

Like a child, build trust. You must have faith in God and what He can do. Have faith that His words will never fail. Have faith that He will do what he says he will do. Have faith enough to face another day. 

It is rare for a child to contemplate suicide. Have child-like faith. Be so innocent that you do not have an idea of death crossing your mind when things seem hard. 

Like a child, let your imagination be great things that stir joy and hope. It makes a lot of difference when you live in joy. You can be a father in your home, but you are still a child of God. You may be a parent with bills to pay, but you are still a child of God. You may be an entrepreneur with bills to settle, but you are still a child of God. You may be a couple waiting for the fruit of the womb, but remember you are also children of God.

This is where rest lies. Take a sound rest in the arms of God. 

When offended, respond like a child. Do not let it stick. Be kind at the next opportunity you get. 

Some marriages are crumbling because the children of God have forgotten how to be His children. Be God’s child. Love like a child. Have faith in God like a child. Forgive like a child. Trust like a child. 

Grow up but remain God’s Child. 

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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