I was surprised when I saw that Olive was carried instead of her walking. Looking closely, she had slept off in class. When we got home, she was still sleepy. She attempted to walk but did not find her steps. The most interesting of things then happened:

Danielle turned her back towards her and asked her sister to climb on it. I watched the two and laughed. She carried her right from the front when that attempt was not working. Yes, she did! It was some weight, but she helped her to the house’s frontage. Olive was smiling. Danielle felt the weight but was delighted to play the big sister role. 

This happens in a biological family but paints a great picture of a spiritual family. You miss a lot when you take your spiritual family (your local church) for granted. You are blessed with people who genuinely care about you. 

If you give those who genuinely love you a chance, they are willing to be there for you through different seasons. In this family, we do not turn our back on one another in anger or offence; we lay down our backs to bear each other’s burdens. We are willing to bear the pain of the weary. 

I remember at a point when we got a call that a young girl was in labour. We had not seen her in months. She was not married as of the last time we knew. But we still rallied as a family around this beloved one. We had questions, but there was a life to rescue first. We even went the extra mile to ensure that she stayed comfortable. We surrounded her with love. We would not let the devil have a family member. 

Do not be like Lot, who does not know the value of an Abraham: 

– They are blinded to the value that family has brought to them spiritually.

– They do not see that God has blessed them with a relationship that shows how to multiply wealth. 

– They do not see that God blessed them with a relationship that does not give up on them even when they make weird choices. Kindness flows instead of blame. 

– They do not see the value in the relationship that stays on its knees, so they soared from the judgement of Sodom

Lots can be blind. Lots can be ungrateful. Lots will still return to Sodom after being rescued from it. They feel that Abraham is their problem. 

You have left the church for long. You think the church is your problem. No sir. Your pride is your problem. If you allow God to show you how much value had flowed to you but are veiled to, you would not take a spiritual family for granted. 

Who carried you in prayer when you were weak?

Who stands with you when you are down?

Who watches your back when arrows fly?

Who wakes you from slumber when you do not hear the alarm?

Who is there when you are taking a beating from life? 

You cannot do life alone! You cannot!

© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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