I was taking an evening walk while I also took some time out to pray. While walking in the compound of a secondary school, I noticed some new buildings were now there.

Well! I walked towards the building to see the inscription on the wall. I wanted to know who donated it.

While I stood reading, a young artisan walked towards the door closest to me after I had greeted him, pretended as though he wanted to check something.

He went inside and stylishly locked the door with the bunch of keys and as I strolled away, he also strolled off.

They must have kept some valuables in that particular room.

He did not care if I was cool looking or not, all he saw was a stranger and valuables must be well kept.

We must learn as believers to shut our door from strange thoughts and practices also.

You need to shut out that thought that says to you, “You need to watch porn to help those addicted to porn”. Your doctor does not become sick in order to help you.

Must you romance prostitutes in red-light districts because you want to evangelize? That is a strange thought!

You are a sheep. When you hear the voice of a stranger, you must not follow it at all. Never!

Do not give the devil a foothold at all in your life. Shut down every strange thought pretty fast.

Lock up the door of your heart. Guard your heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life.

If the enemy succeeds in planting a seed, he will return to search for the fruit.

Shake off that thought about that lady or that man. Stop giving them ear-time knowing well what you are breeding.

The progression of sin is simple:

“The temptation to give in to evil comes from us and only us. We have no one to blame but the leering, seducing flare-up of our own lust.

Lust gets pregnant, and has a baby: sin! Sin grows up to adulthood, and becomes a real killer.”
(James 1:13‭-‬15 MSG)

What are you giving breeding space in your life? Shut out the stranger.

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