I had an issue just around the time ministry started. One of the things I had to do was apologize to elderly ones.

They are amazing people and I did not want to offend anyone but I knew I had to do the will of God.

When I was done stating my position on the isssue, one of them looked at me and obviously disappointed said to me, “And that is why we are supporting you”.

No need to mention that the support ended that day. I knew I had to do what the Lord had asked me to do.

First, a support that comes out of pity can never be sustained on the journey of purpose.

Do not let someone marry you out of pity, you will forever remain a victim in their sight. Do not let anyone have the privilege of a Saviour’s Complex around you.

Second, if it is a God-given assignment, believe you me, no one must be able to play God. Else, they will determine all your moves and decisions.

Saying goodbye to such people may be tough but it is healthy. It is healthy for you and the vision.

Finally, on the journey of vision, you will go through the circumcision phase. It is a painful cutting off of people and resources that are very dear to you.

It will be painful on the flesh but needed by the spirit. As a matter of fact, it will take a while for you to heal but you definitely will see the hand of God on you.

The fact that you do not have it all now does not mean you should lose your confidence. The fact that you had a past must not make you an object of pity.

While you see a poor and helpless victim, God looks ahead and sees you grafted into His plans.

Get yourself together.
Be circumcised.
Cut it off.
No more pity supports.
Feel the Pain.

Then you birth the promise. Afterwards, you birth the covenant.

To birth the covenant, circumcision must happen!

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