As we drove on, my dear friend spotted my phone. I should not be surprised when he said, “Is this what you use to send out the broadcasts?”

I said, “Yes now”.

The screen is almost gone with different strokes and lines popping up. I had a good smile.

Can I talk to someone who has been through seasons and feel useless?

Can I talk to someone who looks at himself or herself and all you spot are the broken pieces?

Can I talk to someone who has been through stuff and feels so dusqualified?

Can something good come out of Nazareth? Yes!!! Jesus did.

The woman on the way to the well that afternoon had all the baggage you can ever put on her yet unseen by many.

Her steps were heavy just like our heart was! She walked under the weight of an unseen burden.

But she got to the well about to do her thing when she spotted “another man”. Actually, the summary of her life had been “Men”.

She must have felt like “Oh! Not again”. No one must meet me here talking to another man. The whole town will hear about it.

But the pull was much. As she opened her mouth and talked to him, her heart was melting. The baggage seems to lose its hold.

Something was different about him- his looks are not promiscuous but the smile is healing. She knew this was not just any one of them.

Before she knew it, her heavy heart became so free that it affected her feet.

She came walking but left running
She came with a pot in her hands but left with a well running from within her heart.
She came without a voice but she left with a melody.

What has broken in you and you feel so useless?

What is missing and you feel so worthless?

What is lost and you feel unloved?

You are God’s raw material to pour His love into and send a message to a broken world.

He loves you more than your mistakes and disqualifications.

Friend, let the streams lose.

Your world is waiting for your feet to run through the city with a message of impact gushing from the lips that no longer kisses sin but have fallen in love with the saviour.

God still use broken pieces.

There is love in sharing

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