I had quite a scary dream that day. I told my wife that morning about what I saw. Amazingly, it was something that she had been worried over. She warned me and suggested what to do and how to be careful. I told a dear friend also who agreed with me in prayers.

One of the timeless strategies of the devil is to slither through the defence of a Christian’s faith with compromises that seem to have no immediate consequence.

It was no sin for Elimelech and Naomi to leave Bethlehem of Judah and move to Moab- it was a survival plan for a family. What Elimelech did not know was that He was in line to be the great-grandfather of David and by extension that of Christ.

Hear me- Every decision you make is not and must never a fight for survival. Let it sink deep inside of you that you are actually protecting a prophecy. There are prophecies that are hanging over your life as a believer even when you cannot see it yet!

Let us be sincere- Do you know that Elimelech’s direct lineage was completely disconnected? Naomi was only an honorary grandmother. She is an adopted mother for Ruth! In the genealogy of Christ, it was Boaz and Ruth who featured.

(Salmon who married Rahab took such a silent amazing seat of honour. It was easy to know why Boaz spotted Ruth easily- He was raised to honour all men even those who others will call ‘uncircumcised’ and treat as an outcast)

Samson’s problem began with compromise. He went ahead to hide it from his parents (Judges 14:9). It was easy to keep hiding other things that ended up eating him up.

You may ask- But I don’t trust anyone. Well, that shows that there is a healing that your soul needs. If everyone around you is not trustworthy, something is wrong (and you must begin with yourself).

Some may say “When I told my pastors, it became a sermon”. Apologies. But do not close-up so soon. If you meet a bad doctor, you don’t stop going to the hospital. Do you? You find another hospital.

No matter what, ensure you have people in your life that you can open up to about signs of compromises that you see in your life, marriage and ministry.

If it is your marriage, please note that your parents or siblings are not your best options. The image they will have of your spouse will not change even after you have moved on.

May you live a life above the traps of compromises. There is someone reading this who is about to enter what looks like a huge opportunity but on the colourful rug at the opening is written ‘Compromise’. Do not step on it or dance on it, there is a pit underneath. Turn around now!

May the prophecies about your life and destiny in God see the light of day. No one will take your place.

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