At a point, I realised that it was getting harder to wake up at night to pray. My schedule daily was heavy no doubt but it was easier to press my phone than to stay in the place of prayer.

When I discovered this pattern, I issued myself a warrant- I cut down on my meals at night. I ensured I monitored the final things I did before heading to sleep. There was a significant change.

There are weights and excesses that are not necessarily sins but when sustained for a long time, it can lead a believer to condone things that he should not condone on a normal day. It can lead to sin eventually.

One of the words of Jesus that we should never forget is “Watch and Pray so you don’t fall into temptation”. Watchfulness is as important as prayerfulness. As a matter of fact, the man that prays is the man that is indeed watching.

There were people who died and the scriptures described them as “fat” or “overweight”. And the circumstances surrounding their death seem to be tied to it.

“He brought the tribute money to Eglon, who was very fat. Ehud reached with his left hand, pulled out the dagger strapped to his right thigh, and plunged it into the king’s belly. The dagger went so deep that the handle disappeared beneath the king’s fat. So Ehud did not pull out the dagger, and the king’s bowels emptied.” Judges 3:17‭, ‬21‭-‬22 NLT

May the weapons of the enemy never become conducive in your vicinity. The enemy attacked and his flesh covered it. What tendencies and proclivities is your flesh covering now? What do you now accept as normal?

Eli was also fat as a priest of the Lord.

When the messenger mentioned what had happened to the Ark of God, Eli fell backwards from his seat beside the gate. He broke his neck and died, for he was old and overweight. He had been Israel’s judge for forty years.
1 Samuel 4:18 NLT

Asides old age, the excesses also contributed to his death. What have you gathered that now slows you down? What have you acquired that has now become a burden?

Get to the gym of the Spirit. Begin to work on your diet. Cut down on things that do not edify. Declare a war on the excesses that slow a man down in destiny. Get back to shape.

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