HOW TO GET AN ENCOUNTER (The power of desire and pursuit)

HOW TO GET AN ENCOUNTER (The power of desire and pursuit)

It was the Anniversary of the Church. We were in the Conference of my pastor and father in the faith. I prayed quietly for an encounter. That day, Pastor did the unusual. He walked into the ministers lounge with the guest minister. As he turned to leave, I knelt before him and told him it was our anniversary. He laid hands on me and spoke prophetic words. I got what I desired.

In accessing spiritual things, desire is very important. However, pursuit is also very essential. Desire determines direction. Pursuit determines possession.

Desire must be backed up with prayer. Desire cannot stand alone all by itself. Desire when converted to prayer must then be in alignment to the Will of God.

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.
Mark 11:24 KJV

Desire is however not sufficient. It is possible to desire and not obtain.

“Ye…desire to have, and cannot obtain: because ye ask not.”
James 4:2 KJV

The woman with the issue of blood desired to be made whole but if she did not go after Jesus, she would not have gotten her possession. Desire showed her direction. Pursuit gave her possession.

Blind Bartimaeus may have desired to be made whole. But without pursuit, he would have stayed the same. Desire made him ask. Pursuit made him resilient. He did not shut up even though people wanted him to keep quiet. He got his miracle at last.

Elisha did not just have desire; he also backed it up with pursuit. He got a double portion of the Spirit.

Beloved, shame has to be confronted before possession is taken. If the devil succeeds in making you feel ashamed, without a doubt your situation will remain the same.

Do not let him tell you to “keep calm” or “don’t let people laugh at you”. Shut the devil up with pursuit. Go after the desire of your heart. Break the cycle.

Faith honours God. God honours faith. God has placed no limitation on faith and faith places no limitation on God. Let men look at you and call you names but you must not cease to look up to God and call Him by His name.

Desire determines direction; pursuit determines possession.

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