WILL YOU STOP MIDWAY? (The Importance of Commitment)

WILL YOU STOP MIDWAY? (The Importance of Commitment)

I travelled with a dear one for a couple of days. While preparing for the return trip, he asked whether he could stop midway while I go ahead with the journey back to base?
I smiled and told him that when next I would travel with him, I would ask him if he would be going all the way or he would be stopping midway.

Commitment is important in Kingdom assignment. God wants committed men. Men want commitment also. Commitment does not abandon the work midway. Commitment stays on the path whether it is convenient or not.

Paul told Timothy that commitment is giving yourself wholly.

“Give your complete attention to these matters. Throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone will see your progress.”
1 Timothy 4:15 NLT

There is nothing that is done half-heartedly that grows. Half-hearted people become a burden. John Mark abandoned Paul and Barnabas halfway on their missionary journey. His actions were the trigger of the disagreement between Paul and Barnabas.

You cannot build something permanent on a person with a temporary mindset. It is like building with borrowed blocks. What will happen when the owners begin to demand for it? The work will have holes or at the worst, it will crumble totally.

If you will go with God, make up your mind to be committed to the Lord and His work. Commitment is shown in consistency. It is equally shown in loyalty. You are consistent in the work and you are loyal to the people.

Beloved, commitment is the pathway to divine rewards. If you are blessed with farmland and you plant nothing, something will still grow- it is called weeds. Commitment deals with the weeds and replaces them with seeds. And the seed is the guarantee you have for a harvest.

Stay committed from today!

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