In the early days of marriage, there was a middle-aged man (who was not even close to the family) who would knock on our door without any notice. We would always receive him with a great sense of hospitality.

However, his visit was becoming more frequent and uncomfortable for us. Annoyingly even when he knocks and we keep quiet, he will keep knocking. One day, I let him in and announced to him that we were busy. I walked into the room and left him in the living room. He got the memo.

There are unwanted guests in life’s journey- sickness, disappointments, manipulative men and women, difficult people who affect your mental health amongst others.

When you see symptoms of sickness, do not accept it with pity. Do not speak words that make it feel at home. Get angry with it. Show it that it has no space in your life. Jesus paid the price and said, “It is finished”.

Jesus took infirmities and sicknesses. Do not allow them to have a grip on you any longer. Speak to it. Tell it that it is not wanted in your space. Stop entertaining thoughts that give the unwanted guest wings.

There are times unwanted guests can actually be people who are “joy stealers”.

If you keep treating unwanted guests like royalty, you will remain in the same cycle forever. You will be grumbling inside of you while trying to look good to people.

Some things you accept thinking it is humility is actually an unhealthy self-image. Inability to speak when it is not right is not a sign of a “good Christian”. Call for a conversation. Speak up.

There are believers battling with a poor self-image. Your confidence is battered. You keep bearing a load that is not yours. Stop it. Ask for a conversation. Hold a conversation.

If you are a victim of sexual, domestic or emotional abuse, speak up! That is not a secret to keep. It will repeat itself as a cycle. Do not keep quiet. Even if it is a “pastor” that is the perpetrator, report. Honour is not covering for sin.

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