A dear pastor was teaching many years ago and I heard him say, “A loud Amen is a venison for the soul”. I did not understand him fully until I became a pastor also.

There was a day I began out saying blessings over the church and the atmosphere was not receptive. I stopped and moved on to something else. Later, I had to teach my people how their response made me switch from speaking blessings to other things.

The response of the people can limit the flow of the blessing. My spiritual father said once, “There are places I go and the response of the people draw virtue with hunger. And there are places I go that I just drop one or two thoughts and I leave. The atmosphere was not great”.

The minister of the gospel has to prepare to bless the people but the people also must be prepared to receive the blessing. Miracles happen when the door of utterance opens to the minister and the door of faith is opened in the people. The door of faith can trigger unusual utterance.

When you hear a minister say, “I did not intend to go this direction but I sense the Lord would have me say to someone…” Smile and rejoice. Intercession and expectation are pulling on the anointing. A pastor can prepare a message but it is The Word from the Lord that changes life.

See this scripture:

“When you hear the priests give one long blast on the rams’ horns, have all the people shout as loud as they can. Then the walls of the town will collapse, and the people can charge straight into the town.”Joshua 6:5 NLT

The priests would give a long blast but all the people must shout as loud as they can, then expectations would become miracles. What if the priests gave a blast but the people did not respond? What if the people give a cold response?

Do you see what we do in church now?
Every minister knows that in an atmosphere of joy and expectation soaked in faith, anything can happen but once the atmosphere is not right, even a great anointed preacher will struggle. It happened to Jesus in his hometown!

When you get to church, come in with an atmosphere of joy! What if we all go to church with an atmosphere rather than expecting an atmosphere?

Temiloluwa Ola, Eruwa

Post-Script: My sister Pastor Esther Ebunoluwa Omoniyi has shown how we must not do our mouths in a spiritual gathering! Let me pick race!!! You know I love you sis.

There is love in sharing

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