We all sat at the table and I told Irewamiri that I would still need to step out that Sunday evening. She looked at me and said, “I don’t know about that dear. Sunday evenings are for us as a family”. 

I called the person I had an appointment with and requested that we talk on the phone briefly. Many times I have to say to people, “I am sorry, that day cannot work”. 

No matter how busy you are, do not joke with the time created for your family. If you have none, create one. Your days must not be filled with all work and no moment for your spouse and children. Soon enough, you will realise that they are actually all you have got. They are the motivation for most of what you do. Do not take them for granted.

I read an amazing story about Jonathan Edwards. The preacher of the classic, “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God”. Despite his work as a preacher, he had a strong family moment. He spends his evening with his wife and eleven children. He lays hands on each of them and prays for them daily. 

Almost two hundred years after, A.E. Winship, an American Author researched his lineage. His discovery was amazing. 

In His published study, Juke-Edwards: A study in Education and Heredity, Winship revealed that the one marriage of Edwards produced an amazing lineage, including Two Hundred and Eighty-Five College Graduates on the Edwards family tree. The Edwards lineage produced: 

1. Three Hundred Preachers 

2. Thirteen notable Authors 

3. Thirteen college Presidents 

4. Sixty-five college Professors 

5. One hundred Lawyers and a Dean of a law school 

6. Thirty Judges 

7. Fifty-six physicians (doctors) and a Dean of medical school 

8. Eighty holders of public office 

9. Three United States senators 

10. One Vice President of the United States 

11. One Comptroller of the United States Treasury. 

(Culled from Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree by Perry Stone) 

What was it that Jonathan Edwards planted? He gave his home attention. He did not joke with his family. He planted the seed of love, faith and hope. What a lineage. 

When last did you lay hands on your children to pray for them? What takes your family time? Is it just TV shows? What lasting kingdom impact are you leaving on your seeds? What adjustment will you make?

What day will you say to others, “I am sorry, that day cannot work, I will be with my family?”

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