I was in my second year in the University as a law undergraduate. We had a course that was not too interesting – Nigeria Legal System. I tried my best to review that course daily. When we were to have our first test, some of my colleagues panicked. I did also. I had to choose between fellowship or studying for the test. As I approached the library, I paused and said a prayer:

“Father, I do not want to miss fellowship because of the test tomorrow. I am tempted to “stab” fellowship but I desire to ask that what my colleagues will read in eight hours, help me understand in two hours”.

The first miracle was that I stepped into the library and had a nudge to sit in another area. I obeyed and began to read.

As I read the first topic for the semester, there was a quote, “An attempt to define law is like fetching water with a basket”. Out of nowhere, I saw the word “Discuss” right after the quote. It was like a dream. I looked again and it was not there. I treated that question like I was in an exam situation.

As I moved to the second topic, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Go to the last topic”. “Ah, I cannot skip three topics in between”. But then the Lord said, “Did you not ask me for help?”

The last topic was about the Three Tests for the Validity of Customary Law. This time around, I framed a question myself and treated it. After about 1 hour and 15 minutes, I was done with the two topics and I sensed that I should head to fellowship.

All night, I was scared! Out of fear, I still read a bit of some other topics. In the test hall that morning, I heard colleagues discussing areas I did not understand. Fear rose but there was an inner peace and rest I could not explain.

When the lecturer came into the hall. He wrote two questions on the board:

1. An attempt to define law is like fetching water with a basket. Discuss.

2. Critically discuss the three tests for the validity of customary law.

Ah! I had a mixture of excitement and awe. It was the neatest test I ever wrote. I had an eventual “A” that semester. The general result was not that palatable.

First, never be in a hurry to delete God and godly schedules when you are pressured. He is the one to run to. He is your helper. He wants to be there for you. Do not be quick to reduce your commitment to God because of pressure. No!

Pressure is deceptive. It wants you to make decisions without divine leading. Calm down. Pray to the Lord. Ask for help. He will show you what to do. Those who were destroyed by famine in the scripture did not seek the face of the Lord in hard times.

Second, the Holy Spirit is our helper. If you are a lazy “Christian” student (which is an oxymoron). Never hide under prayer to cover up your ineffectiveness. If you ask the Holy Spirit for help and you did not do your part, He will still come but He would not find anything to use.

When it rains on the land of a lazy farmer, something will still grow- weeds. Rain can only multiply what is there. No matter how much you anoint the hammer of a lazy carpenter, his lack of skill will still keep him in the prison of lack.

Let’s close with one scripture I love:

“People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the Lord”.

(Proverbs 19:3 NLT)

Talk to God.

Be Hardworking.

Grace speaks where hard work and diligence have tilled the ground. Zero multiplied by a billion is still zero. Do not forget!


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