The first time I was invited to come to speak in a teens camp, I went with some of my dear friends. I knew God was going to do amazing things through our lives in our generation.

It was some distance from school and I paid the charter for the cab. After the meeting, the honorarium was handed over to me. I divided it into equal portions and gave all of them.

They argued that I cannot pay for the cab and still have an equal share as all of them. I saw beyond the present. It was my test!

Do you remember when David and his men went to recover their wives, children and goods from the Amalekites? Out of the 600 men, 200 were tired and stayed back.

After the win, the 400 when they saw the loot told David that the 200 who stayed behind would only have their wives and children and no portion of the recovered loot.

David said to them, “Families don’t do this sort of thing! Oh no, my brothers! You can’t act this way with what God gave us!… The share of the one who stays with the gear is the share of the one who fights—equal shares. Share and share alike!” (1 Samuel 30:23‭-‬25 MSG)

You must pass the test of entitlement. It was not your skill or sword that brought the victory- God gave you! What do you have that you did not receive?

There are times we think we are where we are by effort. We simply forget about the mercies of God. It is the mercies of God that have brought us this far. A man who obtained mercy must also be merciful.

If you think others must go through what you went through to get the results you get, Jesus proved you wrong when he told Peter to also walk on water. Jesus did not say, “Who are you to walk on water? Do you know who I am”?

Miracles are not done to prove a point. Miracles are done to draw men to God.

Wait a minute! I am still in an amazing relationship with my friends till date. Greed travels into your future, burns every bridge and destroys all you need before you get there.

The blessing of God makes rich and adds no sorrow but if you handle the blessing with pride, you will destroy valuable relationships.

If your promotion at work is making you lose your valuable relationships, something is wrong. If the “blessings” of God is making you disregard relationships you should honour, all is not well!

Whether your phone gets a 10,000 or 10,000,000 alert, the sound does not change. The blessings you enjoy must not change you- stay humble!

There is love in sharing

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