In our early days in marriage, I had a funny habit that I had developed over time and I do not think about it before doing it. When someone sneezes, my response is always “Same to you”.

I only meant it as a joke but it did not go down well with my wife. I still know the exact spot where we were when she said, “Is it so hard for you to say ‘easy’, ‘bless you’ or even ‘sorry dear’?”

I had to change.

Habits are not built overnight and they are not changed overnight. Habits, just like computer programmes, are actually developed. It is a string of codes that are now producing that reflex action.

We are constantly programming our lives to either succeed or fail. The reflex response for a man in fire is to run and not smile! You are programmed to run from pain.

We have programmed ourselves to be spenders and it becomes tough to save. We at times are programmed to borrow; it is now tougher to be patient and delay gratification.

When Paul says that we should not be conformed to this world but we should be transformed by the renewing of our mind. It meant that we should be reprogrammed by changing the input (language and codes).

It is better to be programmed before crisis than wait for the crisis to program you. Think about it like this- Do you prefer seeking a solution in the midst of problems or having solutions before the problem arises?

Begin to programme your mind now with the Word of God. Do not wait for a spiritual attack to load your arsenal. When a gun is pointed at you in a dream, let your response be laughter and the Word (It takes programming).

If you watch too much of some of our movies and listen to all the evil news without the requisite knowledge of the Word, your response will be fear. On the grounds of fear, you will definitely lose. Program your mind.

If you constantly feed on the failing marriages and you don’t dig to find that “He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from God”, you will be programmed for a failed marriage.

Every day, there is intense programming going on- gist in buses, media programmes, social media, unfavourable reports but there are also teachings of God’s Word, godly music, encouraging friends, testimonies of God’s faithfulness- the choice is absolutely yours.

Program your body and soul also. Pray. Study. Eat Healthily. Exercise. Take Rest. Do your medical checkup. Faith is Wise.

Program your marriage to last. Be intentional about spending time together. Pray together. Play together. Do not just hang out with the boys or babes. Hangout with your spouse.

You need to begin to declare to yourself: I am programmed to last. I am a long distance runner. I have staying power. I have a great home. Things work in my favour.

Do you see that life has programmed a lot of people to give angry responses? It seems like a reflex action these days. Refuse that path.

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