I was out of town for a meeting and I had to stay in a hotel. I went with one of my men. The hotel bill came with complimentary breakfast for one person.

From experience, knowing that hotel meals could be expensive, I gave him some cash to get some meal at an eatery for breakfast.

When I got to the restaurant in the hotel, I realised that I could not finish the complimentary breakfast. As a matter of fact, it could feed the two of us conveniently. I should have ordered room service instead!

We would not have needed to spend so much extra if we knew that what was available was more than sufficient.

Friends, there is nothing God blesses you with that is for you alone. God is not so frivolous to deposit grace in you just to service your stomach- He wants you to give out to another.

God gave you the gift of salvation so you can pass on the testimony to another. That chain must never be broken. Since you got the gift of eternal life, who have you passed the life on to?

God did not give you Joseph to just satisfy your thirst for a child; He knew a generation has to be preserved. God did not give you Samuel to “shut up” Peninah, He gave you Samuel because He needed a Prophet to “spot a man after His heart”.

God did not just bless you with a car so you can cruise. He gave you one so you can begin to build a relationship with two other men on your street who head in your direction daily till you can introduce Christ to them.

Don’t look at the bank alerts and just smile. Tell God “I am steward. What do you want to use this for?” You will be surprised that there is no gift from God that should lay dormant.

That good voice is a gospel sound. That smile is a kingdom asset. That gut is needed beyond the boardroom and business deals.

How dare we think that the eternal God will give us gifts for mere ephemeral purposes? How dare we think that the platform, the promotion, the possession and the profession is the end of the testimony without finding the purpose?

You cannot be doing thanksgiving that God made you Queen while you lose sight that Hanan is about to wipe out the Jews. Who knows whether you were given the gift for such a time as this?

While you carry that baby, whether in your womb or in your hands, kindly know that you are raising God’s gift for a generation. You may just have been paid to raise the one who will pull Israel out of Egypt- you must not fail!

After salvation, the next mindset you must build is that of the assignment. The next question Paul asked after “Who are you, Lord?” was “Lord, what will you have me do?”

There is nothing God blesses you with that is just for you. Serve the purpose of God in your generation like David. Destiny is not a complimentary breakfast for one- be a blessing to another!

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