As Danielle got out of the car, she ran back again and said to Irewamiri, “Mummy, my friends are singing”. The mum listened closely and heard them singing.

She asked Danielle about the song. Danielle sang it to her mum. It was a song from a Christian Movie about Jesus stopping the storms of life and that Jesus can do anything for us. Danielle then said, “Mummy, I taught my friends”.

I remember the day we watched that movie together.

Dear parents, your child will only export what you have sown in their lives. You are either consciously sowing great seeds or unconsciously sowing terrible seeds. There could be times that we can carelessly allow weeds to grow.

The movie you watch is an informal class for your children. Some things can be seemingly alright for you as an adult but would be difficult to explain to a child. If you keep doing such in front of a child, you are communicating wrong values to that child.

You are watching a movie and it gets to a scene where there is romance and you ask a child to close his or her eyes. Let me ask: Did that training work for you when you were growing? Did you not get into trouble with lust?

Is not better to make sacrifices for the sake of the children than to pay huge prices for correcting moral failures in the future?

A friend of mine says he does not watch anything that a child cannot watch because if it is not healthy for a child, it is not healthy for a child of God. That has shaped his own choices. What is shaping yours? Yes! His daughters are passionate about the Lord.

Do you know what the word of the Lord says?

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6 NIV

Every seed the Lord blesses you with an arrow of influence in your quiver. When you put them in a bow, you determine their direction. What direction are you choosing for that seed today?

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