We had a plate of rice with some nicely peppered goat meat. I wanted some more goat meat so I told Irewamiri. I convinced her to give me one more especially that I would be away from home for a while. She raised her eye-brow but could not resist my persuasive skills.

As she left the dining table to pick the meat for me, the Holy Spirit said, “Be disciplined. No more meat”. As she was bringing the meat, I told her I would not eat anymore. She said I could have it but I told her the Holy Spirit has restricted me.

There is no area of your life that the Holy Spirit cannot shine the light on. You can only decide to resist him. Any area that you allow the Holy Spirit to shine His light on and you become willing to work on becomes an area of strength for you.

There may be areas of your life where you may think you are smarter than the Holy Ghost. Any area of your life that you do not yield to the prompt of the Holy Spirit will become a fertile ground for indiscipline.

Self-control does not mean that self is in control; it means self under the control of the Spirit of the Lord. The flesh would war against the Spirit because it does not want the spirit to take the lead.

Think about Esau- it was his refusal to say no to the temptation of food that led to the loss of his birthright.

Think about Daniel- he ended up ten times better but the first test he had to pass was the test of food.

Self-control is needed for a smooth ride in life. Can you imagine a car without brakes? Such is a life that lacks self-control- it will lead to a wreck.

When the Lord says “no” to you, know that it is for your good. Do not try to force your way through. Discipline is the pathway to greatness. Do not settle for less. Do not settle for the options of the flesh. Even when it is not pleasant, agree that it is your training.

Everyone remains ordinary until training is involved. If you are untrained, you will remain ordinary. If you fail your training, you will be unreliable.

The temptation of the first Adam had food involved. The temptation of the last Adam, Christ, began with turning stones into bread. The first Adam fell. The last Adam stood. Watch out, do not fall because of food!

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