When I heard Danielle’s first cry at 2.23 am on the 22nd of March, 2017, my heart leapt for joy. When the nurse brought her out, I simply looked at her beautiful face.

Then I told them, “I am waiting with my wife”. It took some time later but I stayed to follow my wife back to the room.

I did not allow the excitement of the arrival of a baby to rob my memory of the importance of staying with my wife.

The temptation of ministry is subtle- every time, what we do for God wants to rob us of what we do with God.

The strength of ministry is hidden in fellowship. I desire to get to that point of not just be known as a great preacher but being assured that I had a solid personal devotion (there are Pastors without personal devotion)

In life, there is a way the gift takes us away from the giver. Once we see the gift, we forget that the giver is more important.

When we follow the gift, we can get excited but when we follow the giver, we must produce the fruits.

Now to a major lesson: In life, follow fruits and not gifts.

Do not follow because he can prophesy or even heal. Follow because you can see love, joy, peace, patience, long-suffering, gentleness and meekness.

Gifts are given. Fruits are cultivated.

The finest way to know the fake or the real is like Jesus said, “By their fruits (not their gifts), you shall know them”.

There is love in sharing

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