As I stepped down the podium, I noticed I had aches on my right elbow. I kept wondering what was the cause. It then occurred to me that I had held on to the microphone for more than an hour.

I have the habit of using my right hand to hold the microphone as I teach. The microphone is quite light but over time, my muscles and nerves became stressed. It did not happen in one day.

No matter how light what you carry is, if you maintain the same posture for long, you will soon complain of aches.

What is the point?

When we feel offended, we must be quick to forgive. The danger that offence wrecks is never in the size, it is in the length of time we feel offended and cheated.

Be angry but do not sin. Do not let the sun go down on your anger. It means to get rid of anger as fast as you can. Settle grudges fast. No matter how big or small, let it go on time.

When a wound is not quickly treated, it festers! You will be surprised how a small situation left unattended will become a gangrenous one.

Learning to forgive is important. You cannot carry a grudge- it is a burden that injures the carrier. Time comes to expose the damage that has been done.

Let go.

Move on.

The more you maintain that posture, the more you groom the ache. It is not about size. It is always about the length.

I am confused when folks say ” I will never forgive”- really? Who is aching more? You need some mental rest, the muscles are stressed.

Let go.


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