It was a season of many questions that I could not answer. I was still a young single pastor trying to find my way in the first few months of planting my feet in Eruwa. I stayed indoors and cried trying my best to pull through the season. 

But God is merciful. He will never leave us without a witness. I heard a knock on my door and someone saying, “Mummy is calling you. Bishop Oduntan is around. He wants to see you”.

As I walked into Mum’s office, Bishop began to speak to me about how proud he was that I was courageous enough to respond to the call of God, especially to the land of Eruwa. Instantly, the moment became prophetic. It was like when Mary met Elizabeth. The baby vision in me leapt and kicked. He prayed for me and blessed me. He made declarations about my calling. That was all I needed to come alive. 

Let me begin by praying for you: In the season of silent sighs, may the encouragement you need locate you. In the day of questions, may you find the answers you seek. If the key to your next season is hidden in a book, may the book get to you. If it is in the mouth of a friend, may it come out of their bellies. If it is in a teaching, may you not be somewhere else. Wherever the inspiration you need is, may it find you. 

Just a few months after Saul started the journey of his call, persecution arose. He was smuggled out by night in a basket from the city. It was a bit tough. Saul went back to Tarsus (his hometown). All we knew was there was quietness at that season of his life. It seem as if the vision was not going to speak. 

Then a movement began in Antioch. The Apostles sent Barnabas to Antioch. When he got there, he decided to get Saul (who became Paul) from Tarsus. He went all the way and found Saul. They both returned to Antioch where they served in the ministry. From Antioch, the shift for Paul’s calling began. 

In the days of discouragement, may you enjoy the blessing of “a Barnabas”. Barnabas is God’s agent of encouragement. Asides from the internal encouragement system that every man of vision must have, we also need a Barnabas! They pull you up with words. When they speak to you, vision leaps to life.

You need men who carry prophetic encouragement. When they speak, there is a shaking and a rattling. Bones begin to come to bones. The flesh begins to cover dry bones. Breath comes into a dead vision and before you know you have the strength of an army rising within. When you find such a company, hold it dear. Honour them. Never take them for granted. 

That cloud of discouragement is dispelled now. That heaviness is turned into singing now. That mourning is turned into dancing now. The table has turned! Rejoice!

Let the Army of Vision within you roar. 

Take your position now.

Aim with focus.

Pull the Trigger.

Fire on! 

Do not give in!

There is love in sharing

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