I went on scrolling from one video to the other. That was virtually all that I did all day. It was one of those days when you have lost the will-power to confront things that are ahead of you. They seem daunting and you just wish for time to slide past.

This is the summary- Mountains do not disappear until they are confronted.

There are definitely moments in life’s journey when things hit you so hard and you just wish that moments will slide past. Day after day, it seems like a waste. It looks like nothing is changing. But there is something worse off than the situation you are in- your spiritual strength is being sapped. As a matter of fact, you are “just there” as you read this.

You are locked in a routine. Let me show you in simple steps how you restart your joy and fervency.

First, stop all you do to indulge yourself. Stop watching endless videos and returning with headaches. Stop pretending that you are making spiritual progress. Own that moment. Tell yourself, “This has to stop”.

Second, get vulnerable. If you have not studied or read the Bible in days (even as a pastor), tell another friend. Admit your weakness. Do not feel like they will make jest of you. Admit it.

Third, do exactly what the enemy would not want you to do. I would encourage you do it with a friend. Pray together consistently some a while at a stipulated time. Raise prayer points from the scripture. Take a fast. Fast is a trigger for the gun of prayer. When you fast, praying is easier!

When the battery of a car is weak back in the days, hands would come together to jumpstart the car by pushing it. Throughout the day, the owner of the car parks in a way that he can glide down and jumpstart the car himself. That is the power of having people around you and staying on the right things.

Finally, do not complain about those who seem to have it easy even when it looks like they are not doing as much as you are doing. Focus on your own task.

Try these simple steps and share your testimonies of a joyful restart.

There is love in sharing

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