I was spending the weekend with my Aunt some years ago. She said to me on Saturday night, “Temi, we have this tits and bits segment in our teens’ service. Would you mind sharing with them?”

I rarely could sleep that Saturday night. It was just meant to be for 10 minutes but I prayed and trusted God for a word for the teenagers. The Lord came through. For the last 12 years, I still speak regularly with the teenagers.

Some that gave their lives to Christ and got baptized in the Holy Ghost are already married with babies today.

Beloved, you must trust God for the ability to recognise a generational move hidden in a simple moment. An opportunity to impact a generation will not come screaming; it is always a simple move that we can allow to slide if we are not sensitive.

Spiritual awareness is the divine ability to recognise the plan, purposes and the move of God in the middle of human things.

Elisha had a strong sense of awareness. When Elijah dropped his mantle on him, he could have run after Elijah and said: “Sir, your cloth fell and I picked it up for you”.

When Jesus stepped into Simon’s boat, Simon could have gotten a huge harvest and gone to the synagogue with a testimony of supernatural provision without recognising a call to a new season of discipleship that would lead to apostleship and expansion of the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Do you have an accurate interpretation of divine moves in your life at the moment? How do I know divine moves? How do I recognise when God is nudging me to something greater?

Let me share two with you:

  1. Nehemiah heard about the state of Jerusalem. He cried and it was not enough. He prayed and he knew it was not enough. He had to speak to the king. He took a break from work and did something about it. If you have cried and prayed about it but the burden is still there, you need to check your spirit to see if you have to do more.
  2. Esther sent clothes to a brooding Mordecai. Mordecai returned it with a strong warning and a charge. Esther arose to divine purpose and assignment. There are things you are sleeping on but teachers and fathers can see and ignite a flame in you for it. Who are your teachers?

Can you interpret the season you are in accurately?

There is love in sharing

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