I was in a camp meeting where a father and teacher in the body of Christ in our nation was teaching. He said to us, “You can have insight into God’s Word and it is still a dark season in your life. If you are struggling in anything, the season is still night”.

And then he said to us, “Everyone is just one instruction away from supernatural things”. I left that meeting with a tough (very tough) instruction but my wife and I obeyed that instruction.

Beloved, instruction precedes miracles. Prayer is not just a ‘feel-good’ spiritual activity. Come out of your prayer time with at least an instruction.

Water will remain water until you understand that “Whatever He tells you to do, you do”. You must be on the look-out for instructions like, “Fill the pot with water”, “Draw it out now” and “Take it to the head of the feast”. Then, you will see wine. In between water and wine are a set of instructions.

If there is a famine in the land, instructions like “Stay in the land” or “Go to the Brook Cherith” or “Go to Zarephath. There is a widow there to feed you”. There will always be instructions.

Do not waste your prayer time. Be sensitive to prompts. There are times you will wake up with impressions in your heart or sometimes with a song. Do not joke with it all.

Whenever the Israelites were stranded, Moses prayed but waited for instructions. There is an instruction that turns bitter streams around. There is an instruction that opens the Red Sea and buries the army of Pharaoh. There is an instruction that brings water out of the rock.

If you follow instructions, your boat cannot be empty. With the instruction of Jesus, Simon’s boat became full. When Simon went on his own, Jesus showed up and said, “Children, have you caught any fish?”

Your assignment is to listen for instructions and follow through with instructions. Be sensitive when you pray or worship. They are not just “feel-good” activities.

When you are sincere in prayer, you will hear instructions that will change how you treat your spouse and improve your marriage. Instructions precede miracles.

When you pray, return with an arsenal of instructions. That is your victory starter pack.

Now ask yourself- When was the last time you received instruction in prayer? Do you even pray with an expectation?

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