We were visiting with a dear brother. Since we could not find our way there, we had to drive behind him.

Unfortunately, my host drove a bit fast and simply forgot that he was showing us the way.

Well! I tried keeping pace but it was hard in the twists and turns of the city of Lagos.

I was trying hard. At a point, my side mirror knocked someone by the hand. I did not even notice but my wife did.

The person picked a bike and began to chase us. He caught up and I had to park- my host had left us behind. I apologised and then began to move at my own pace until we connected with them through phone calls.

Friends, the journey of life can also be exactly like that.

In a bid to catch up with deadlines, you could end up hurting people. There are people who rise fast in their career but have lost their connection with their homes.

In a bid to catch up, we enter into competitions that are not healthy. You are trying to keep up but you end up losing out.

In a bid to get wealthy, we stop living healthy.

You need someone beside you in life who sees what you do not see- the people you are hurting with your decisions.

They can tell you to take it easy because you already do not notice that your wife is getting stressed.

You were too busy to see your child’s first step or groom your child through homework.

You are stranger to that which you should bond.

We would not all get it at the same time. What others are getting at 25, you may not get at 35 but do not kill yourself in a bid to catch up.

Do you know what Paul said? He said, “They that compare themselves with themselves are not wise”

There is wisdom in running your own race without a sense of competition.

Your own time will come. Calm down. Be patient. Do not let the pressure of keeping up end up making you lose out but much more hurt others.

There is love in sharing

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