Some few years into ministry, a dear friend of mine said to me, “Pastor Temi, please do not call me when the request is small. Kindly call me when the request is huge and ask me for big things”

Do you know what? It is not as though he has it all ready-made but his heart is amazing.

And it is interesting that there has never been a time that I asked for big things that he has defaulted. He stretches and he gets it done.

Is it not interesting? A man places such a demand on himself and he gets to fulfil his promise no matter how convenient.

Wait a minute! If a man can keep his word, God will do exactly what He says He will do.

He says to you, “Ask and you shall receive and whosoever asks shall receive”

Prayer is a loaded gun. Faith is pulling of the trigger. Leverage on prayer. Leverage on Faith. Pray and then act.

The action may be to go and ask for that favour. Kick out fear and then go and ask. The bigger the demand, the better.

In my 7 years of pastoring, I have learned to make huge and dangerous requests from God and sometimes from men.

I do not say a man’s “No” on his behalf. I do not assume God’s role either. Faith does not place a limit on God and God has not placed a limit on faith.

Ask God for big things. Ask for giants. Ask for nations.

Can you imagine a dancing lady asking for the head of a national prophet and the king had no option?

If men being evil know how to answers the requests of their children, how much more will God answer you.

You will see more.
You will have more
Enter a season of “much more”

Do not freeze in fear. Unleash in faith. Leverage on prayer. Leverage on faith.

We rebuke folded hands of “I am confused”. We bind bowed heads of “I don’t know what to do”.

Lift up that head. Let faith be stirred.

Ask for big things.

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