I had wanted to get an apartment in that particular place for months. When I eventually got it, it was a terrible shape.

I had to decide whether to take it or not- roof had issues, toilet was in bad shape, kitchen was a sorry sight.

When I told Mum, she said (while Dad was still thinking it was a waste), “Money will fix it”.

When my fiance saw it, she was surprised and in shock.

Gradually, I began to fix the new house- partial re-roofing, chemical cleaning, new tiles in various places and then repainting.

By the time my fiance (as she then was) saw it a second time, she gave me a huge thank you hug and smile- it was now befitting.

Friends, when you gave your life to Christ also, you came under new management. You became a new creature.

However, the garbage in your soul has to go through renewal. The lustful thoughts has to be dealt with, the unforgiving nature must be flushed out, the anger problem must become a thing of the past, greed must be buried.

The door to your soul that had holes for rodents of impurity to sneak has to change.

The leakage that brings those lustful thoughts must be removed and renewed with pipes that come straight from the Word.

The haggard and ugly floor is now covered with tiles of the Word and Prayer.

We replace condoms with conviction to live a pure life and bottles of beer with praying in the Holy Ghost.

Friend, your life is now under new management. Poverty mindset, Sickness and Stagnancy is dealt with.

You cannot do this alone- you do it in fellowship with others. I simply surrendered the house to experts.

You cannot complain when you see things be pulled down or knocked off- painful but it will return new.

Bad habits can be difficult to let go but with support from God’s Word, surrender to His Spirit and submission to learning, you will emerge a new house.

People will look at you and wonder “What changed?” You will smile and say, “I am under new management”

There is love in sharing

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