When we took a walk to that community project, we began to assess it. It had been there before I was born.

There were no doubts as to what we needed to do- the walls were weak, the structure was already giving way.

We pulled down the old. We dug new foundations. We made new pillars and had to connect them with new beams.

The old building could not carry the new demands- it was weak.

Friends, our struggle with the flesh will become a thing of the past when we realise that the old life cannot be mixed with the new life.

God did not come to do a renovation work on your spirit. No! You are a new man.

The old is gone. The new is here.

A new baby has no record of wrongs. A new baby has no regrets, shame, guilt or condemnation. All that is on his or her mind is growth.

When you came to Christ, your history disappears- all cleared away. The history of abortion, the shame of wrong associations, the pains of poor decisions are all converted to the joy of salvation.

If you do not know this, you will lack the audacity that a new life in Christ has given you and you will not be confident.

What will make Paul have the audacity to preach to the same people who saw him support the stoning of Stephen, drag people in prison, turn wives to widows and sons to orphans?

Only salvation in Christ can do that! Nothing else can do that.

The man who stole is dead- you are new. The girl who laid on that abortion bed is dead- the life you have now is a new life.

Jesus tore that old building down and He has erected a new one for you.

Why are you stuck to shame and guilt like you are still a victim of your past?

God did not renovate an old life. He pulled it all down. He gave you a new one totally.

Your new life in Christ is not “second-hand”, it is “tear-rubber” new.

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