It was a long night of discussions (well, more like debates). My parents were having tough issues with us- especially the fact that my sister now uses “attachments”.

Mum had caught her while she was away from home using it. Well! Wearing trousers too were major issues.

It was a night of back and forths. We were now grown kids with a lot of questions about what we were told.

The image of “a lady that wears trousers or uses attachment is a prostitute” does not seem to stick anymore. We saw ladies who fit that description but had amazing godly character.

But at the end of it all that night, the question we asked our parents was, “Do you trust us? Do you believe that you have raised us to fear the Lord?”

They answered in the affirmative. They may still have some hesitation but they know that we all fear God and we will do His will.

Trust is at the foundation of every great relationship. Trust is the thread that holds the fabric of relationships together.

All you need is to gain the trust of your parents and they will not doubt you the day you will have reasons to stay out till 8pm. There will be no fear whether you were in the wrong place.

When you gain trust, if you have to travel out of town, your father or mother will not become a monitoring spirit.

Gain the trust of those who hold you accountable- a lot of things you argue about will become irrelevant.

Trust is the capital for all outstanding relationships. Even when we have diverse opinion on issues, trust will hold us together as one.

Never betray trust. Once trust is lost, all is lost. Opportunities are lost.

Give no ground for your spouse, friends, pastor and colleagues to have doubts about you!

Are you where you said you will be?
Do you do what you say you will do?

What is your trust quotient? High or low!

Trust will quench fires of gossip and kill the seeds of strife!

Can you be trusted?

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