We were returning from a trip outside town when I spotted a woman roasting fish just by the road side. I said to my wife, “Let us buy fish”

She looked at me in shock and said, “Are you sure?” I reversed and we got fish. She was in shock.

Her first attempt of giving me a delicacy laced with fish was an absolute disaster. I told her, “I dont eat fish”.

There are things that it appears you do not love now simply because you have created a bias all along.

Your bias and traditions can actually block you out of the new moves of God.

God is nudging Ananias to reach out to Saul. Ananias is telling God that “God, you are not up to date with who Saul is”.

Could it be that the next finest moves of God is locked up in a “Saul” dimension of vision?

You are so locked up in the history that you cannot perceive that destiny is taking place already.

God is nudging Peter to ministry to the Gentiles but Peter keeps saying, “I do not eat anything unclean”.

Could it be that the pride of your tradition is stealing you away from the revelation and new directions that humility will provide?

God will not do a new thing that will contravene His Word! As long as there is room in the Word for it, be open to it.

And it applies literally to marriage also, could it be that you have not dug deep enough? Could you make knowing your spouse a full time work? You will discover that it is your assumption that is wrecking your home.

Finally, God is calling this generation into great things. He is changing the diet of some people. He is calling you to eat “Fish”. Your bias should not hold you down.

If Ananias did not step out in faith, he would have denied himself the blessing of being a part of God’s great move- Ministry to the Gentiles and Epistles we still read today!

His role may look small but it was a key role and yet unforgettable.

I still wonder how the discussion of Ananias and Paul went after the encounter. It must have been like, “Brother Paul (tough to say), this can only be God. This is unbelievable”.

Follow God and you will discover unbelievable things also that will be expressed with unspeakable joy!

Let your bias not hold you back!

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