When we landed at the hospital, the nurse on duty ushered us into the labour room to check the progress of labour. We had been confessing throughout the pregnancy that she dilates fast, fully and delivers with ease.

When the nurse checked and mentioned that she was 8cm gone, we simply began to rejoice. Hope was lifted. We looked at each other and we began to rejoice. We just knew that this was already settled. We played music and kept dancing in the labour room.

In the midst of your labour, there must be people you are vulnerable with. They are midwives. They are willing to help and encourage you to the end of the journey. They are committed both to you and the vision you are about to birth.

I remember in the midst of my several labour pains in Eruwa, my spiritual father served as a midwife many times to give me the word of hope that brings mental reset.

I remember the day he said, “Son, with due respect to you, you are too loaded to be in Eruwa just for Eruwa. Eruwa is the base but you have a calling to the world”. That moment inspired hope that I was doing something great.

Midwives are walking with you through your labour. They know where you have been and they know where you are headed. They know that the midpoint of every journey is the toughest- that is why they are midwives.

A lot will start with you and will not end with you. A lot will be there at the end who will not be there at the start but never joke with people who stay through the journey with you. Midwives are rare. When you have one in your life, do not joke with them.

It was not everyone that witnessed David’s first anointing that wanted him to be king. It was not everyone who saw his potential that wanted him to be great. But there are men like Samuel who spot you even when you are not there, wait on you when you are not a star, mentor you because they know what you are called to be and stay through with you till you are who God wants you to be.

A lot of people are in labour without the guidance of midwives. They have the “I can do it by myself” attitude. Some have lost both the vision and the desire to even start again- they had no midwife.

Some have had terrible experiences of opening up to the wrong person and they are hurt and closed up. They met manipulative and exploiting midwives. Some were abused emotionally and in many other forms. Some have wounds inflicted by words and actions from people they trusted. Yet, help is still needed. You still cannot birth it by yourself. You need help.

I pray for you today- may you locate your midwives in destiny. Your vision will not be aborted. Your steps are ordered into the right relationships. You are blessed with pastors after the heart of God. You are blessed with friends who love you through all seasons. May Grace keep you strong. Amen.

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