<strong>IN THE MIDDLE OF LABOUR (5)</strong>


The nurse told my beloved wife, “When you sense a strong urge that feels like you want to defecate, let me know. It means you are ready to push”. Then she left us to attend to other things.

Some few minutes later, my wife began to say to me, “I want to defecate”. I called the midwives and they all got into position. We were ready to have this baby.

Friends, in the midst of your labour, God gives you a word. That word is your anchor. You hold on to it. You lookout for it. It is the signpost of your walk through your season. Once there is a word, there will be delivery.

God looks over His word to perform it. That is His part. However, you must never allow that word to slip out of your sight or your mouth. Repeat the Word He has given you and He will come to attend to your cries. Angels respond to His Word. Confess that word. There is a Word connected to the birthing.

In the midst of labour, other feelings will come. There may be an ache on your back but that is not what we are looking for. We are looking for the urge to defecate. Do not focus on other feelings, focus on what God spoke to you about.

At times, if your situation does not look yet like the Word God gave you, keep your sight on that Word. Everything will return to align with the Word.

And friends, once that urge comes, do not shove it aside. That is your birthing season. Some of us have things we needed to have birthed in intercession. Prayer gripped you in public transport but you did not want to embarrass yourself. My friend, pray with intensity under your breath. Move your mouth and move your spirit.

A woman in labour has no care at all. Her focus is on delivery. When you have that unshakeable urge, my friend, something is on the way. Never have an urge and shrug it off. A lot of people have killed babies of vision on the inside because they discountenanced the urge when it came.

Friend, life is spiritual. No jokes here. You pray your way through your labour season. My spiritual father says to us many times, “My assignment in your life is to teach you to pray, you can figure out the rest by yourself”. 

Friend, can you pray? Can you push?

Remember, never joke with the urge to pray for you do not know what is on the way. It can be a shift in season for you. Your ministry like Peter is about to touch the Gentiles. You are about to cross lines. You are about to break into new things. You need to know what God has said and speak it back to him- That is how we birth things!

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