We were having a conversation with our covenant friends. We were all enjoying the moment but we began to share about our nature of waking up early to work. We all realized that we love to utilize the early hours of the day. We pray. We meditate. We write. We plan.

To have a great morning, there was always a need for us to get to bed early. It is great to invest in the morning. A wise man does not joke with his morning. A man that takes the dawn for granted sings songs of regret at dusk.

Ex. 19:16-17: Then it came to pass on the third day, in the morning… and Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God (KJV)

There is something about the morning. The morning signals the dawn of a new day. The morning of a man’s life is the season of his strength.

What will you do with your morning? Morning is the time to meet with the Lord. Have a personal time out to reflect on the day. Jesus shows us what do with our mornings. Mark 1:35

There is the womb of the morning (Ps. 110:3). There are the wings of the morning (Ps. 139:9). Taking the wings of the morning mean that you forget the disappointment of yesterday and you focus on the opportunities that a new day has to offer. It means that the achievements of yesterday do not become an hinderance to greater achievements today. It means that you refuse to be limited.

A man’s life has the Morning, Afternoon and Night Season. The season of morning is that of childhood, teenage and youthful age. They are seasons of awareness and investment. May you not wake up late. Some people wake up only to realise that life is far spent already.

Morning is the time to make up your mind that the day will not be a business failure and a mere social success.

Morning is the time to hit the ground running. Stop marking time. You need to move now. Hope you know that it would not be morning forever? The season and time will soon change.

Make sure it is a good morning indeed.

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