Whenever Danielle wants to call her mum or myself, she will rarely ever say “Daddy” or “Mummy”. You will hear her personalize it as “My Daddy or My Mama”.

The same applies to her grandparents. They are all “My Grandpa or my Grandma”. She makes it personal.

She says it so much that her cousin came visiting and also started calling her mum, “My mummy”.

Positive Influence.

Jesus teaching us in the Lord’s prayer says to us that prayer is rooted in the revelation of a relationship. We pray saying, “Our Father…”

He is not the Father of those who have amazing testimonies alone, He is your Father also.

Jesus drove it home after he resurrected when he said that “I am going to my Father and your Father”.

A revelation of the Fatherhood of God changes everything. You do not need an intermediary. It is a fellowship of sons with the Father and not just a gathering of strangers.

This is the strength upon which we do all we do.

It is the reason why we give thanks when it looks tough- my Father is there wih me.

It is the reason why we pray without ceasing- it is not just routine. It is a Father and Child talk. There are days I say bye to my Dad and he picks up another discussion that keeps us talking for the next 40 minutes.

It is the reason why we rejoice at all times. It is His will.

He is your source. You derive your origin from Him.

That is why His name is “I am”. So next time you introduce yourself as “I am Temiloluwa”, remember it is not just English, it is your Kingdom Surname (I am ____).

Step out this day with the consciousness of the Love of the Father. Be bold in the face of crisis. Rejoice in the face of difficulty.


He is YOUR Father.

There is love in sharing

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