A dear family was spending some time with us. They have a beautiful baby girl. I had a flashy pack with me. I handed it over to her. She loved it. She began to play with it. The mother looked at her and said, “I know everything goes into your mouth now”. I smiled and said, “Make sure you do not eat this one”. The end of the story is clear.

Friends, one of the signs of infancy is the craving to have everything. A baby puts virtually all things in their mouth at the oral growth stage. What keeps them from danger? The presence of an adult who cares for them.

If you are constantly jumping from church to church without sitting down to feed and grow in a God-ordained church for you under a divinely appointed pastor, but you take pride in saying, “we belong everywhere, and we go to church as led by the spirit”, you are a baby! You were on your way to the same church you attended last week, but as you heard the music from another, you just said, “I sense in my spirit to go there today” it is not the proper approach. Next week, you are led to another church. You see! That is not right.

First, God said he will give you shepherds after his own heart to feed you with knowledge and understanding. When the sheep finds green pasture, it lays down there. (Jer. 3:15; Psalm 23:2).

Your jumping about will not lead to any form of spiritual growth. You will decline. There will be no sense of responsibility because you have no accountability structure. You are not pastored.

In the journey of destiny, there are things you must not eat, and there are places you must not feed from. This was the error of the young prophet. He was instructed not to eat in the city but return to his base. He went back after listening to a strange and deceptive old prophet. He lost everything, including his life.

When a man begins to misbehave, you must check what he has been feeding on. There are times I have heard the words of some people, and I can say they had been feeding on some meal. You simply know this is not the voice of my seed or my spouse. They got involved in eating the wrong things or hearing from the wrong person.

Friend, structure your life. You cannot eat everything or eat everywhere. If you are lost in sexual sins, retrace your steps. This is how Proverbs put it:

My son, share your love with your wife alone. Drink from her well of pleasure and from no other. Why would you have sex with a stranger or anyone other than her? Reserve this pleasure for you and her alone, and do not share it with another. Your sex life will be blessed as you take joy and pleasure in the wife of your youth. Let her breasts be your satisfaction, and let her embrace intoxicate you at all times. Be continually delighted and ravished with her love! My son, why would you be exhilarated by an adulteress— by embracing a woman who is not yours?
Proverbs 5:15‭-‬20 TPT

Do not eat everywhere.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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