My mentor shared with me how he visited a retired Pastor. He was alarmed about the state he met the man who had served the Lord and his church with the active part of his life. He committed to ensuring that this retired Pastor has a smile on his face till heaven calls him home.

You probably have a story of a Pastor who served with all their heart in his days but, in his old age, has little or nothing to show for it. There are many sides to it, but my highlight is on remembering those who served with all their hearts while they are still with us.

The life of a Pastor is a life of sacrifice. A true Pastor must be willing to lay down his life. There are times that gifts he is given are handed over to the church so that the work can move on. There are times when properties are sold so the work can expand. Yet, in old age, men they blessed and discipled only pay lip service to show care.

Some are hurt and in a terrible emotional state but would cover it up with the strength of “God takes care of us”.

Was this how God intended it? No! We must remember those who laboured over us spiritually. David was returning from recovering all from the Amalekites, and he did something essential: He remembered the elders of the lands where he had dwelt.

On returning to Ziklag, David sent portions of the plunder to the elders of Judah, his neighbours, with a note saying, “A gift from the plunder of God’s enemies!” He sent them to the elders in Bethel, Ramoth Negev, Jattir, Aroer, Siphmoth, Eshtemoa, Racal, Jerahmeelite cities, Kenite cities, Hormah, Bor Ashan, Athach, and Hebron, along with a number of other places David and his men went to from time to time.
1 Samuel 30:26‭-‬31 MSG

Even if the man who pastored you is doing very well, you bless them as a reminder of their labours over your life. If they ministered life to you, bring their smiles back to life in a critical season of their lives.

What if it was a Pastor that fell into error? The question is, was he ever a blessing? If he was, a soldier should not be stoned to death. We are quick to throw fallen soldiers under the truck.

A senior friend shared how he began to show love to a Pastor who fell into an error. A lot of others abandoned him. He visited the old pastor periodically with gifts. God has forgiven the man, but the ministry was not the same. He did it consistently for years until one day; the man was provoked to pray blessings over him. They both cried. The atmosphere and the anointing were heavy.

Who has blessed you as a priest?
Where are they today?
When last did you show appreciation?
Do you know it can be the encouragement that they really need?
Would you show appreciation today?
Would you allow your love minister strength to them?

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

There is love in sharing